Raymarine a Series Multifunction Displays Specifications

a65 with Home Screen
a7 Front Home Screen

Raymarine a65 / a67 / a68

Multifunction Displays

Raymarine a75 / a77 / a78 

Multifunction Displays

Dimensions (w) x (h)
6.45" x 5.67" (164mm x 144mm)
8.07" x 5.78" (205mm x 147mm)
Display size

5.7" (144.8mm)

7" (178mm)
Display resolution 640 x 480 pixels (4:3 format) 800 x 480 pixels (16:9 format)

Nominal voltage


13.8 v DC
12 v DC

Operating voltage


10.2 - 15.6 v DC
10.8 - 15.6 v DC

Current consumption

at full brightness

a65: 9 W
a67: 12 W
a68: 10.6 W

a75: 9.1 W

a77: 12.7 W

a78: 11.1 W

Operating temperature


13ºF to +122ºF (-10ºC to +50ºC)

14ºF to +122ºF (-25ºC to +50ºC)



IPX6 and IPX7

Colour depth

24 bit

Viewing angles

60º left/right/top and 50º bottom

75º left/right/bottom and 70º top


up to 8 units


a Series displays can be supplied with or without Navionics charts on microSD cards. Choose models with Navionics Silver or Navionics Gold included. Also support for optional Navionics Platinum charts.

View options


1 x SeaTalkhs (Raynet); 1 x SeaTalkng

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