NEW - LightHouse 3 Operating System

NEW - LightHouse 3 Operating System | Raymarine by FLIR  

LightHouse 3


LightHouse 3 Home Screen

LightHouse 3 is fast, fluid, and easy to learn. The uncluttered interface is easily personalized for your style of navigating.

The LightHouse 3 home screen offers bold and simple app icons. Customize the home screen with your favorite apps.

LightHouse 3 Home Screen | Raymarine by FLIR  



Your Data - Just a Swipe Away

Simply swipe the side of the display to reveal the Side Bar data display. The Side Bar also appears automatically if a GOTO command is initiated.

LightHouse 3 Interface | Raymarine by FLIR  
Data Display | Raymarine by FLIR  

Beautiful Data

Drag and drop your databoxes anywhere on your screen. Choose from 4 different size options and up to 14 different data types.

LightHouse 3 User Profiles | Raymarine by FLIR  

User Profiles

Save your personal home screen and configurations with LightHouse 3 User Profiles.




Take Command

LightHouse 3's easy-to-use interface will put you in complete command with just a few touches.

LiveView Menu™ Controls

Easily customize the chart and see the navigation display change in real time.

LightHouse 3 User Interface | Raymarine by FLIRLightHouse 3 User Interface | Raymarine by FLIR  

Smart Context Menus

Tap the chart to position the cursor or press chart to open the menu.

LightHouse 3 User Interface | Raymarine by FLIR  

New Chart Modes

Uncluttered menus with quick access to Simple, Detailed, and Fishing chart modes.

LightHouse 3 User Interface | Raymarine by FLIR  


Bundle Release Date Features
v3.2.92 26 Sept 2017
  • Addressed satellite acquisition and GPS fix issue in select AXIOM models
v3.2.86 18 Sept 2017
  • Initial Release for AXIOM Pro RVX and AXIOM Pro S hardware:
    • New User Programmable Button
    • Analogue Video IN (distributed across all other AXIOM MFDs via RayNet)
    • NMEA0183 support
  • New features for all AXIOM/AXIOM Pro models:
    • Wireless Display (Miracast) Streaming
    • Fusion Audio integration
    • Navionics Features:
      • Dock-to-Dock Autorouting (Autoroute to Here)*
      • Sonar Logging & SonarChart Live*
      • Panoramic Photos and Pilot Book (Platinum+ features)
      • Fishing Range and other advanved map features*
      *requires Freshest Data subscription
    • C-MAP integration
      • Essentials & 4DMAX/4DMAX+, Raster & Vector charts
      • Easy Routing (Autoroute to Here)*
      *requires C-MAP 4DMAX/4DMAX+ card
    • Sounder
      • RealVision 3D Nearby Waypoint Display
      • Expanded color palettes
      • Reverse Port/Starboard image Correction for certain step mount installations
    • Ability to upgrade STng Peripherals
      • Supports all ISO files currently online
    • New Languages - Croatian, Czech, Malay and Slovenian
    • Bug fixes
v3.1.96 19 July 2017
  • Evolution Autopilot Integration - Direct Control from the MFD
  • Sonar Enhancements
    • Scrollback - 2D and 3D
    • Sensitivity History
    • GPS Tracks in 3D
    • 3D Waypoint placement
  • Mobile Application Support - RayView / RayControl / RayRemote (with updated App’s)
  • RMK-10 Full network multi-unit control
  • Bug fix - GPS status No Fix on repeater
  • Additional bug fixes
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v3.0.66 30 May 2017
  • Changes to SONAR Y-Cables:
    • Allows ping on an Airmar Conical transducer when a Y-Cable is installed and Conical is not being viewed
    • Supports the DVS+Airmar Y-Cable (A80493 or A80486) that may be installed
    • Provides the ability to show all the SONAR channels available when using a Y-Cable
  • Fix for a Language crash (GPS screen/Alarm dialogue)
  • Fix for Autopilot Goto/Goto allowing an un-acknowledged turn (not applicable to Evolution pilots).
  • Allows the correct number of decimal places to be set in a Digital Switching page
v3.0.60 4 April 2017
  • Initial Release for AXIOM 7DV SONAR unit
  • Update for all networked AXIOM units (all networked units should be running the same version)
v3.0.57 27 April 2017
  • Initial Release for AXIOM RV units
  • Update for non-sonar unit network compatibility with RV units (all networked units should be running the same version)
v3.0.40 3 April 2017
  • Initial Release