Installing the Software Updater.


The Updater is available as a Zip file which contains various elements of the Updater Tool.  To unzip and save the updater, please carry out the following actions.

• Download the AIS950 Zip File from the software update page here

• Extract all files

• Select a location to save the Updater

• Click finish.


Once the Updater has been saved, double click the ZIP file you have downloaded from its saved location (Usually your Downloads folder) and then double click on the “Updater.bat” file. This will then launch the Updater, ready for you to begin the Program Update process. Do not click on the “vxboot.exe” file as this will not start the updater.


Applying the Software Updater to the Unit.


Kit requirements:

• Windows PC

• 12/24V Power Supply with minimum 5A rating

• AIS software zip file

• 9 Way RS232 connector.  (We recommend you use an Easysync adaptor if a USB adaptor is required for your PC)

• AIS950 Class A Transceiver.

Performing the update.

  1. Connect the unit to the programming PC/Laptop via the Comm Port on the back of the AIS950
  2. Ensure the Unit to be updated is connected to a 12V power supply with a minimum 5 Amp Power Supply.  Make sure that the unit to be programmed is powered down.
  3. Double click on the “updater.bat” folder in the software update folder. The updater tool will then appear.
  4. Select the appropriate Com Port
  5. Select the green “Start” button on the installer interface, Installer should then say “Waiting for Target to Boot”
  6. Now turn the power on to the Unit to be programmed and the Installer will begin loading the update.
  7. Do not disconnect / stop / closedown the updater tool until the update has been completed. It will take around ten minutes to apply the update. Do not power down / remove any connections to the unit whilst the Update is in progress.
  8. Once the update is complete, power cycle the unit to allow the AIS950 unit to return to normal operation


The software version should now be displayed on the units MKD within the “System Information” menu.