Axiom Pro RVX

9, 12 and 16 inch HybridTouch chartplotters with RealVision 3D and 1kW CHIRP sonar technology 

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Axiom Pro RVX
George Gozdz Axiom Pro on Caymas boat

For Those Who Want It All

Available with RealVision 3D, 1kW CHIRP sonar, and Raymarine HybridTouch control, Axiom Pro RVX is the standard for networked chartplotter displays. And with a blazing fast quad core processor, a super bright IPS display, and the smart LightHouse OS, it delivers a fluid and intuitive navigation experience.

Axiom Pro RVX is easy to expand into an advanced navigation network that includes multiple Axiom displays, CHIRP radar, Evolution autopilot, FLIR thermal night vision technology, and more.

Axiom Pro RVX Key Features

Blazing Fast

Axiom Pro’s quad core processor delivers instantaneous response and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously without any slowdowns.

Video Monitoring

Keep an eye on everything onboard from the helm. Axiom Pro supports both video over IP and analog cameras.

Bold and Bright

Raymarine optical bonding technology and IPS display panels give you stunning color, clarity, and contrast in all lighting conditions. Plus, Axiom Pro looks great even through polarized sunglasses.

Enhanced Thermal Awareness

Combine Axiom Pro with the FLIR thermal cameras and enjoy ClearCruiseTM IR object detection. Axiom Pro will alert you automatically to hazards in the vessel’s path.

Safer Navigation

Axiom Pro works with Raymarine's full lineup of Cyclone and Quantum solid-state radars for all-weather collision avoidance and advanced bird identification technology.

Ready to Network

Axiom Pro is ready to network with all the latest electronics using standard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 connectivity.

Superior Sonar

  • Easily identify structure and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision 3D sonar.
  • CHIRP DownVision and SideVision sonar delivers stunning detail and fish identification.
  • Low, Medium, or High wide spectrum of CHIRP sonar bands for deep, mid-range and shallow water fishing.
  • True 1kW sonar – no compromises performance targets bait, fish, thermoclines at depths to 5,000 feet.
  • Go deeper with the optional CP470 or CP570 professional CHIRP sonar modules with up to 2 kW output power. 
Axiom Pro Superior Sonar
Axiom Pro Intuitive Control

Intuitive Control

HybridTouch™ - Your choice of simple tablet like touch screen interaction or confident keypad control in rough seas.

LightHouse OS - Fast, fluid and easy to learn. The Lighthouse operating system interface is uncluttered and easy to personalize for your style of boating.

Custom Key - Get instant access to your favorite function with Axiom Pro’s user-programmable Custom Key.

Marko's May Content Fishing on Center Console Boat
Teledyne FLIR M364C installed on Safe Boat Police boat with Raymarine Axiom Pro
Team Caliente Fishing Team
George Gozdz  Caymas Yachts helm with two Axiom Pro 12

Axiom Pro RVX Models

Axiom Pro RVX are available in 9, 12 or 16-inch screen sizes.

Axiom 16 Pro RVX

SKU: E70373
Axiom 16 Pro RVX
  • 16" Display

  • RealVision 3D & 1kW CHIRP Sonar Built In

Axiom Pro RVX Resources

Dimensions (Trunnion mounted)

Axiom Pro 9: Height: 186.2 mm (7.33 in), Width: 329.5 mm (12.97 in), Depth (including cables): 234.9 mm (9.25 in)

Axiom Pro 12: Height: 246.13 mm (9.69 in), Width: 388.5 mm (15.3 in), Depth (including cables): 233.4 mm (9.18 in)

Dimensions (Surface/Flush mounted)

Axiom Pro 9: Height: 173.79 mm (6.84 in), Width: 299.32 mm (11.78 in), Depth (including cables): 234.9 mm (9.25 in)

Axiom Pro 12: Height: 222.8 mm (8.77 in), Width: 358.03 mm (14.1 in), Depth (including cables): 233.4 mm (9.18 in)

Axiom Pro 16: Height: 258 mm (10.16 in), Width: 452.02 mm (17.8 in), Depth (including cables): 240.4 mm (9.46 in)

Accessory connection

USB Micro B

Ethernet connection

2 RayNet (10/100/1,000 Mbits/s) ports

NMEA 0183 connection

Port 1: Input and output 4,800 or 38,400 baud rate, Port 2: Input only 4,800 or 38,400 baud rate

External storage

2 front mounted MicroSDXC card slots 

NMEA 2000 connection

DeviceNet connector

Wireless connections

Bluetooth: V4.0 Wi-Fi: 802.11/b/g/n

Internal storage

16GB Solid State 

Transducer connection

25 pin RealVision type connector.  Requires the A80490 adaptor cable for CPT-S style transducers

Size (diagonal)

Axiom Pro 9: 9.0"

Axiom Pro 12: 12.1"

Axiom Pro 16: 15.6"


Axiom Pro 9: 16:9

Axiom Pro 12: 16:9

Axiom Pro 16: 16:10


Axiom 2 Pro 9: 1280 x 720 HD

Axiom 2 Pro 12: 1280 x 800 WXGA 

Axiom 2 Pro 16: 1920 x 1080 FHD

Viewing angle

Top 88° / Bottom 88° / Left 88° / Right 88°


IPS (In-Plane Switching)

Color depth



Axiom 2 Pro 9 1300 nits / 1300 cd/m2
Axiom 2 Pro 12 1200 nits / 1200 cd/m2
Axiom 2 Pro 16 1200 nits / 1200 cd/m2

Number of simultaneous touches

1 to 16

Power consumption @ 12 V dc

Axiom Pro 9: 33.12 W

Axiom Pro 12: 29.88 W

Axiom Pro 16: 42.36 W

Power consumption @ 24 V dc

Axiom Pro 9: 30.96 W

Axiom Pro 12: 28.8 W

Axiom Pro 16: 40.8 W

Operating voltage range

8 V dc to 32 V dc

Off current @ 24 V dc

18 mA (0.43 W)

Nominal supply voltage

12 V dc / 24 V dc

Off current @ 12 V dc

11 mA (0.13 W)

LEN (NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number)



5 A

Fuse rating

15 A

RealVision Depth range

25 pin RealVision type connector: High CHIRP conical sonar: 0.6 m (2 ft) to 274 m (900 ft), DownVision: 0.6 m (2 ft) to 183 m (600 ft), SideVision: 0.6 m (2 ft) to 91 m (300 ft) , RealVision 3D: 0.6 m (2 ft) to 91 m (300 ft)

1 kW Depth range

11 pin 1kW connector: : 0.9 m (3 ft) to 914.4 m (3,000 ft) (In optimum conditions using a 1kW transducer)

Operating temperature

-25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)

Storage temperature

-30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

Relative humidity

Up to 93% @ 40°C (104°F)

Waterproof rating

IPx6, IPx7

Position Accuracy

Without SBAS: ≤ 15 metres 95% of the time, With SBAS: ≤ 5 metres 95% of the time

Geodetic Datum

WGS-84 (alternatives can be selected on the MFD)

Satellite Differential Type (SBAS)

WAAS (United States), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India), QZSS (Japan)


Track up to 28 satellites simultaneously


Internal - Ceramic chip mounted near top of unit

GNSS compatibility

GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou

Almanac Update


Signal Acquisition


Receiver IC Sensitivity

165 dBm (Tracking), 160 dBm (Acquisition), 148 dBm (Cold start)

Operating frequency

1574 MHz to 1605 MHz

Refresh rate

10 Hz (10 times per second)

Time to first fix from cold start

< 2 minutes

What's in the box?


MFD (Chartplotter)


Front bezel pieces and Upper keypad


Panel mount gasket




Trunnion bracket


Trunnion knobs x 2


Fixings (M4x40 pan head bolt x 4, M4 Nylock nut x 4 and M4 washer x 4)


Optional grounding connection (Screw (M3x5), Spring washer (M3), Crimp terminal (M3))


Power/Video/NMEA 0183 cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft)




RayNet (Female) to RayNet (Female) network cable 2 m (6.56 ft)


DeviceNet to SeaTalkng adaptor cable 120 mm (4.7 in)

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