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Vessel System Control & Automation

Digital Switching - Vessel System Control and Automation

Digital switching systems replace traditional mechanical switches and circuit breakers on board a boat with digitally controlled power distribution modules. These modules are controlled from any LightHouse 3 based multifunction displays, from mobile devices, or programmable switch panels located anywhere on board. Raymarine’s LightHouse 3 multifunction displays work with digital switching systems from leading providers EmpirBus, CZone, and Böning Automation. When shopping for your next new boat be sure to ask which digital switching options are available.

Digital Power Distribution

Digital switching systems use rugged and compact digital circuit control modules instead of mechanical switches and breakers. Modules are typically customised to meet the exact needs of the system being controlled, and communicate with each other using NMEA2000 networking. With digital switching systems, boat builders can significantly reduce the size and length of cabling required to distribute power throughout the boat. This makes the boat lighter overall, and can also create a significant cost savings compared to a traditionally wired boat.

Mobile Devices

With Raymarine Control and Remote Apps, you can take control using a tablet or smartphone.

Elegant Simplicity

LightHouse 3 supports rich graphical controls for digital switching systems. The graphics can be extensively customised, creating an experience that is both powerful and simple to operate. Touchable graphics bring vessel systems to life and report status of critical systems at a glance. Macro controls can be easily created to perform normally complex operations with a few simple touches. Changes to the boat’s systems can be easily accommodated with simple file updates.

NEW YachtSense Ecosystem

The new YachtSense Ecosystem enable complete onboard and offboard integration with all devices connected to the boats network.

An install system assures captains and boat owners of the readiness of their vessel prior to, during, and after their voyage. They are always connected to the boat.

Voyage preparations can begin before you leave home, and whilst onboard guests and crew can be connected to the boat.


NEW YachtSense Ecosystem - Your Smart Home on The Water | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Digital Switching Products

Digital Switching Systems from CZone | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

CZone Digital Switching Systems

CZone offers a comprehensive view of a boat’s entire electrical system, including complete control and monitoring capabilities. With advance monitoring and trigger functionality, CZone can not only alert captains to a potential problem in their system but can also resolve the problem automatically.


Digital Switching Systems from EmpirBus | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

EmpirBus Digital Switching Systems

Digital Switching allows you to control onboard electrical and electronic systems like lighting, air-conditioning, navigation lights, wipers, horns, entertainment systems, security systems and much more from your network-connected multifunction display, smartphone or tablet.


NEW YachtSense Modular Digital Control System | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

YachtSense Modular Digital Control System

Yachtsense™ by Raymarine is an advanced digital control system affording complete command and control of a vessels electrical systems. The modular design and industry leading safety features represent the future of marine automation.


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